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Avar Language Corpus

Search method


Grammatical form

Avar language (магIарул мацI in Avar) is one of the Caucassian languages. It has 790 thousand speakers, mainly in Dagestan, Russia, and in northern Azerbaijan. It belongs to the Avar-Andic-Dido group of Northeast Caucassian (Nakh-Dagestanian) language family. It is not only the native language of Avars, but also serves as lingua franca and literary language for many less numerous Dagestani peoples whose languages have not developed written standards. The standard Avar is based on the so-called bolmac (болмацI), a supra-dialectal norm that developed spontaneously as the language of communication between users of different dialects.

How to search in the corpus – sample search queries

searching for sentences containing the word шагьар city or for collocations of this word
The sign ? replaces any single character. The search results will contain among others the words ворхатав tall (man), йорхатай tall (woman), борхатаб high (e.g. tree) etc.
word forms
The sign * replaces any string of characters (including an empty string). The search query эбел* will return results corresponding to words that begin with the string эбел or that are identical with it: эбел mother, эбелалъе to the mother, эбелалъухъ at the mother's etc. In the case of the query string *изе all the words that end in изе will be taken into consideration.

When searching for word forms, the search engine will display a list of words that correspond to the query with information on their absolute frequency in the corpus.
word forms
The sign ! stands for one arbitrary sign or for an emtpy string. The given search query will return results that correspond to the following forms: аскIове next to (a man), аскIое next to (a woman), аскIобе nex to (an impresonal object).
The search engine treats two strings of characters put in parentheses and separated by the sign | as variants. Results that correspond to the simple query васазе to the sons or вацазе to the brothers will both be displayed for the given query.
The search engine will display results that correspond to the query жакъа today or сон yesterday.
кIудияб росуconcordance
When searching for concordances, phrases that contain both the words given in the query in any position relative to each other will be taken into account.
When searching for collocations only the first word will be taken into account and the other one will be disregarded.
The given query is not applicable to word forms serach, as in this case the query string must not contain spaces.
When searching for concordances, phrases that contain the both words given in the query next to one another and in the given order will be taken into account.
When searching for collocations, the search engine will treat the entire query as one single unit.
The given query is not applicable to word forms serach, as in this case the query string must not contain underscores.
The structure of the corpus (β - 2 millions of words)

List of source texts

The table below provides a list of the texts incorporated into the corpus. The first column contains an abbreviated form in which the information about the source text is presented on the concordance lists. When on the results page, click the abbreviation in order to view the full information about the source text.
АсСаeditorial teamАс-СаламБлаготворительный фонд ПутьМахIачхъала2007 – 2012press, fornightly
Ахихeditorial teamАхихъан
Унсоколо районалъул газета
Унсоколо районалъул АдминистрацияУнсоколо2012, 2013press, weekly
АхЧIАхIмадзиявдинов ТI.ЧIикIаб
Салатавиялъул бетIераб росу
БИАЗБиблия: Иоанние Аллагьас загьир гьарурал ишалБиблия таржама гьабиялъул институтМахIачхъала2007religious text
БМатБиблия: Матфейица бицараб Рохалил ХабарБиблия таржама гьабиялъул институтМахIачхъала2007religious text
ГуТаГусейнов М.М.
Таймасханов И.И.
ВатIан лъазабиДагестанский научный центр РАНМахIачхъала2004textbook
ЗиМаЗиявуддин ГI.-хI.МавлидалМагIарул Миллиябгун Маданияб АвтономияМахIачхъала2013religious text
ИсАхИсаев Ш.По следам предков (Ахвахцы)Хасавюрт2005monograph
МаСаМагомедова С.ГIумруялъул матIуцумада.руInternetpoetry
Миллeditorial teamМиллатООО «Миллат»МахIачхъала2011, 2012press, weekly
МЛМаМухIамадова Л.Мадинаmagiarulal.comInternetprose, novel
НГТБН.В. ГогольТарас БульбаЭпохаМахIачхъала2010prose, novel
translator Ш.И. Микаилов, ISBN 978-5-98390-071-4
СМХаСаидова М.Халидаprose.ruInternet2010prose, novel
ТайИТаймасханов И.И.ТIелкьал Кавказалъул рагъазулъМахIачхъала2005monograph
ТаТIТаймасханов И.И.ТIелекьЭпохаМахIачхъала2004monograph
Тестanonymous collection of texts on Avar language and literatureInternettextbook
УсМРУсахов М-Р.Авар адабият. ЦебетIеялъул тарих. Студентазе учебникДГПУМахIачхъала2006textbook
ХIаАХIамзатов А.Авар мацIалъул ва адабияталъул мугIалимзабазе творческиял хIалтIабазул мажмугI2009textbook
ХIРаХӏамзатов Р.[selected poems]Internetpoetry
ХъМаХъахIабросулъа М.[selected poems]МахIмудил цIаралда бугеб фондМахIачхъала2013poetry
ЧиКъаль-Чиркави С.-А.Къисасулъ анбияъНуруль иршадМахIачхъала2010religious text
ЧиМФаль-Чиркави С.-А.МажмугIатулъ фаваидНуруль иршадМахIачхъала2010religious text
ШеЗаШевченко Т.Г.
translator Микаилов Ш.И.
Васигат internet poetry
ЭРeditorial teamЭркенлъи РадиоRFE/RL, Inc.Praha2013press, web portal
Avar Language Corpus by Adam Sewastianowicz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Some of the texts included in the courpus are subjects to copyright. For that reason the search engine enables viewing only short fragments of the texts at one time. When citing a text it is required to indicate the fragment's source, which is always given in the search results list (concordance), and the corpus' author and web address.